SpeakOut 12-23

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Not enough space

In regard to the young lady who wrote about "He is your president." I have lived over twice the length of time you have. I am 60. I am very much against Barack Obama, for many issues, not just abortion, or his socialist ideas in health reform and redistribution of wealth. Space will not allow nearly all the issues. Years ago there were yellow dog Democrats - where the candidate was so bad, that we'd rather vote for a yellow dog than the candidate. Bring on the dog because until Barack is out of office, I too, do not recognize him as president. The office will be vacant until his successor is elected. Thank you. The yellow dog would do better, but Barack does have a nice smile - like a fox at the hen house.

No entitlement

Someone said that the middle and poor classes of society are not entitled to the wealth of the upper class. I agree. But, at the same time, neither is the upper class.

Unnatural causes

If the cause of death is unnatural, then what happened to this baby? It's too many babies dying out there. You guys know that the children are our future. What kind of a future is it when there's not gonna be anyone left because babies are dying of unnatural causes (which by the way means) something bad happened. Yes it is unnatural for a baby to die too soon - at two and a half years old. This little person didn't even get a chance to shine. What a pitiful shame - it makes me sad all over and it makes me cry and it pisses me off to know a baby two and a half years old is no longer with us because of unnatural causes. I ask again, what happened to this baby? I hope something is did to the unnatural causes, so unnatural causes don't cause the death of another baby!

It's my choice

I have a pet peeve about a recurring event about this time every year. Upon going into a business (or at a check-out) they ask you if you would like to donate a dollar for St. Jude's and Cardinal Glennon hospitals. I have no objection to telethons, collection boxes, etc., and I like to donate to some of them at my discretion! But these businesses like to "put you on the spot" and a guilt trip (if you don't donate). They ask you to donate your funds and they then donate it in their name and write it off as a business deduction. I know that the largest retailer in the world can certainly afford to make a contribution to ANY charity without the public having to help. Why don't they?

Check what you pay

In response to the county sales tax proposition. People, please look at what county taxes only you pay each year. Then you can figure out what you will pay for a tax increase. It will not help the county residents. Please check this.