SpeakOut 1-06

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A ride and gasoline

I'm calling to say thank you to a lady that lives on College Street. A couple days before Christmas, me and my daughter broke down in the ice and snow. She was nice enough to give us a ride to our home. She also gave me some gasoline for my car that wouldn't start. God bless her and her family and thank you very much. It's people like that that show there are true Christians.

Paper decorations

I'm calling about the veterans and the heroes. I was the one that called and said John Kerry was not a hero. I got cut off before I finished my message. I am a veteran. I am retired with over 20 years of active duty. I am a Vietnam veteran and a Middle East veteran. I know John Kerry did have some decorations, but they were paperwork. If you would have watched the news when he ran for president, several people from his unit told that it was false. Decorations can be falsified. I know that for a fact. Just because you are a vet, you may or may not be a hero. I don't consider myself a hero just because I served.

Not right to write

I would like to make a plea to all the physicians in Southeast Missouri. Please, stop and think before you write another prescription for Xanax. I live in a small town of 700 people and there are four young mothers that I know of that can't function or take care of their children properly. They will let their children go hungry so they can buy their pills. If one mother is without her pills, she will buy from the other ones. Somehow, they manage to keep pills. The little children cry and tell me that "Mommy is drunk." I know they are going to get them one way or another. Please don't make it so easy for them. This is why a lot of mothers don't have natural affections for their children or anybody else because Xanax alters their emotions. Please, please, think.