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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tuesday is primary election day across most of the country but for many candidates in our region, primary day is the same as the general election. For that reason alone, it's an important election.

It's human nature, I assume, to focus on the larger and more publicized races. But it's often the local races that have the greatest impact on our lives.

All of the counties in our region have hotly-contested races for county offices. Voters should focus on those races and the candidates because of their importance and their significance closer to home. Sadly, voter turnout is often lackluster during the primary election day especially if there are limited races on the ballot.

Perhaps this year will be different.

An extremely important race in Missouri - and one that has national implications - is the contest to replace Sen. Kit Bond in the United States Senate. Voters are expected to select Roy Blunt on the Republican ballot and Robin Carnahan on the Democratic ballot for a November matchup that will be closely watched.

We don't expect any surprises in the Senate race but then again, you never know. The first lesson of politics is that sure things are rarely that. Having said that, everyone would be flabbergasted if either Blunt or Carnahan were not their party's pick.

Local races are just as important in some ways as those well-publicized state and national races. And because of that, we hope voter turnout is higher than we fear.

Government at all levels is only as good as those we select to represent our interests. And that choice is largely dependent on voters taking the time to closely consider the candidates and issues and then cast their ballot.

Though Tuesday's primary may lack the appeal of a national election, it is nonetheless important. Because of that alone, it's important that voters go to the polls on Tuesday and be a part of this important process.

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