Voters' message is heard at last

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A combination of election-year politics and the realization of what message voters sent last November has forced President Obama to become a late-blooming, last-minute convert to the concept of reduced federal spending.

That's what I call leadership!

The President will outline his proposed spending cuts today, which will undoubtedly contain an equal measure of tax increases on those who already carry the bulk of the tax-paying water.

But I care not to argue over the issue of higher taxes on the rich. That road will eventually come to an end. With the spending crisis looming, I can easily give up the battle over taxes if the administration will actually put some spending cuts in place.

Voters come next November need to remember that the alarm over escalating spending was sounded by conservatives. The White House will likely try to take the credit for finally addressing the runaway spending.

But that would be a lie.

Despite the mainstream media trying to portray the Tea Party movement as some radical, racist, fundamental-redneck movement, it will be through the efforts of those newly elected that the money printing presses are finally put on hold.

And when the other side - yes, that would be the Democrats - try to play election year politics and claim the higher ground, just remember the truth.

Were it not for the upcoming Presidential election, our government would currently be in shutdown. Absent this overshadowing election, this administration would give no ground on spending. And they would demand higher taxes to help fuel their spending binge.

But even the dumbest hog in the mud knows when it's feeding time. The clock is ticking toward November 2012 and the usually suspect late-bloomers are suddenly spendthrifts with the taxpayer money.

Government never, ever reforms itself on its own. It takes some action or reaction from voters to push government into doing those tasks that are so blatantly obvious. Like it or not, voters clearly sent that message and only now some are finally listening.

Cutting government spending creates no winners and losers. The truth is that when government takes less of our dollars to redistribute in a manner to their liking, we all win. When the American people have greater control over their finances than the government, we all win.

The President, it would appear, has finally gotten the message. It just makes you wonder if he understands clearly what that message was.

His actions - or lack thereof - will say much about his leadership - or lack thereof.

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