Election season gets under way

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The political season is in full swing as the Republicans one by one start to plunge their names into the Presidential campaign. The early runners must now make way for the more prominent names and there remains a host of lesser-known hopefuls who are starting to make waves.

As Sarah Palin said over the weekend, "The field is not yet set" by a longshot.

But regardless of which name will carry the Republican banner come 2012, there is no doubt on the Democratic side.

The President is in full campaign mode whether he or his minions admit it or not. So for the next 18 months, pay close attention to the activities from the White House knowing that those actions are less about this great country and more about a re-election campaign.

Victor Davis Hanson had a fascinating piece on the National Review Online this week in which he outlines the campaign strategy adopted by Team Obama. And please pay close attention because these are the Obama themes you'll be hearing in the months ahead.

Hanson says the Obama re-election effort will center on three themes; first, the shattered economy and dismal slow recovery remain the fault of the prior Bush administration; the Republican plans to address the fumbled economy are cruel for the elderly and the low income; and finally, any criticism of the Obama record will be all based on his race.

There you have it: It's not my fault, they have no plan and here's your race card. Wham, bam re-election plan.

Well, with a four-year record on the economy, Obama is in trouble. Unemployment remains far too high, the housing market remains stale at best and inflation looms just around the corner.

And when Obama attacks the GOP economic plan, just keep in mind that the Republicans are addressing the tough issues that may not prove popular but are essential to our long-term survival.

Finally, the ever-popular race card. Get over it. Race is the issue of the Democrats and it's time to bury that phony issue and talk about substance. All that the GOP is asking for is honest leadership regardless of race or gender or the millions of other sub-groups that find their way into the political discussion.

I would bet money that Hanson's article is on target. And how sad that our highest elected official cannot accept his share of the blame instead of taking everyone's share of the credit.

Welcome to Campaign 2012.

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