Government growth is attack on freedoms

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The 4th of July, of course, is a uniquely American holiday. We pause - or at least we should - on this one day to recognize and appreciate our freedoms, the sacrifices made for those freedoms and the immense opportunities that this great country offers.

But some of us believe many of those freedoms are in peril. Many of us believe that our federal government is growing far too large. And that growth threatens some of those basic freedoms that we now celebrate.

This great land of opportunity is designed to provide everyone - and I mean everyone - with the promise that if we work hard, if we play by the rules and if we are willing to make sacrifices, then we can expect our lives to improve and the lives of future generations to improve as well.

But that promise is today under attack.

If our federal government takes greater control of our daily lives, then we lose a freedom. If we are forced to share the fruits of our labors with those who chose to sit idly by on the sidelines, then we lose a freedom.

Unfortunately, the list of freedoms in jeopardy is virtually endless.

I sadly believe we have a President who holds little passion for the true gifts of this great nation. Our President was raised in an environment that was clearly unAmerican. On that point, there is absolutely no dispute.

And that lack of love for this country is evident in far too many of his policies and his views of this country.

This President views freedom and equality far different than others. Equality means equal opportunities to prosper and to live your life in whatever manner you choose within the framework of rules shared equally by everyone.

But this President believes otherwise. Equality to him means a share of this great nation regardless of your personal sacrifice. He believes that producers should provide for non-producers regardless of the circumstances.

To accept that concept, you must sacrifice a freedom. He believes that your freedom to make sacrifices and take risks should result in a benefit for everyone - especially those unwilling to make the same sacrifices and take the same risks.

I, like you I pray, will celebrate the opportunities that are afforded me each and every day. But I will also mourn the great mistake we have made to put our freedoms in the hands of someone who does not share our belief that this is the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

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