Casting an informed vote is now more important than ever

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why would someone not vote? I can understand someone taking a powder on an unopposed local election. But I've had recent conversations with voting age adults who proudly proclaim they never vote.

Never vote?!

A road district commissioner vote might determine if your road gets repaired. A presidential election can determine your children's future.

And you don't vote?!

The same non-voting population is often the first to complain about the direction of government. They want government to provide more services but shirk the responsibility to have their voice in that process.

And though I remain puzzled by the lack of involvement by some in the voting process, I have to admit that in some ways I relish the fact that some voters never show up at the voting booth.

Why cancel an informed vote with one who votes for a candidate based on appearance or speaking skills? When voting becomes a popularity contest and not based on issues, we too often get what we deserve.

Voters don't vote because they are disenfranchised. The opposition to voter photo IDs - which would assure honest, fraud-free elections - is a phony argument by the left.

Voters don't vote because of apathy and laziness.

If you find it inconvenient to vote, then it should be equally inconvenient to receive services from that very same government.

We all have to snicker when we hear the North Korean election results and the voter turnout is 98 percent. Seriously?

For a variety of reasons - some mentioned above, some not - we'll never approach full voter turnout. But you would think with so much on the line, we'd at least nudge higher with important elections such as the one this November.

What truly bothers me is not that some will not vote. I can accept that fact of life.

What bothers me is that so many of those non-voters are actually proud - in some perverse way - that they enjoy the freedoms and services of this great nation with absolutely no involvement whatsoever.

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