The lengthy political season is our fault

Sunday, July 22, 2012

With virtually every cup of coffee I share or every conversation I have, the refrain is the same - "I'm getting sick of politics already..."

Have those words come out of your mouth?

In my mind, thousands of heads are nodding in agreement.

But the protracted political season is as much our fault as the candidates.

The higher the visibility, the greater the chance for election success.

The real question is, "Do these countless television commercials and endless direct mail pieces help you decide?"

Or is 95 percent of this barrage simply a waste of money because your mind has already decided?

I'm in the business of selling advertising, so obviously I enjoy the added boost in revenue from political advertising.

But strictly as a consumer and voter, I don't make decisions based on 30-second television commercials.

Maybe I should!

Judging from the state of federal politics, informed voters seem in short supply.

There's too much financial leverage, too much petty drama and far too many words spoken that are less than accurate or truthful.

And though I'm speaking of politics, the same could be said about life itself.

So politics - and its over-indulgence - may just be a reflection of our appetite.

Just shut your eyes and primary election day will arrive in August.

And then the "fun" really begins.

But this is how we choose those in whom we place our trust.

This is how we choose those to represent our interests in government actions.

And let's face it - sick of politics or not - it's still the best process in the world.

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