Mitt Romney is best choice for president

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A week from now we should know. But given the closeness of this presidential election, there's a slight chance a week from now this election outcome may still remain in limbo.

I feel a sense of frustration that the circulation of this small column will reach readers already a solid majority in support of Mitt Romney.

In so many ways, I'm just singing to the choir.

I would prefer now to be debating the decision with voters in Ohio or Florida or Virginia or Colorado.

It is there where this presidential election will be waged.

President Obama has adopted a closing theme of trust - a pure irony given his track record.

He asks for support based on trust despite a dismal first term and vacant promises for another four years.

We may be a nation of forgiveness but we're not prone to forget.

And we can't forget the stumbles, the hypocrisy, the heavy-handed tactics and the failed policies.

By any metric you can gauge, Barack Obama has been a failure. Only those still blinded by his rhetoric cannot see the obvious.

Mitt Romney will restore fiscal sanity to a nation desperately in need of facing reality. Along with a strong supportive majority in the House and a razor-thin margin in the Senate, Romney will make the tough choices essential to reverse our decline.

Unlike the President, Mitt Romney does not consider himself superior to those with whom he works.

He will restore a sense of unity and common purpose. He will reward achievers who create jobs and innovation. He will guard the safety net for those truly in need. But he will also demand accountability and responsibility from a growing dependent population who have been led to believe that entitlements come without a cost.

We cannot accept four more years of this administration.

We deserve better.

I can't recall ever voting for a straight party-line ticket. This year will be no exception.

I will vote for the best person to do the job regardless of party affiliation. By way of example, I will support the re-election of Gov. Jay Nixon.

Qualifications and performance trump party affiliation.

And that same reasoning is the clear and sound reason to support a change in the White House.

For the future of this great nation, I urge you to vote for Mitt Romney for president.

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