Political dealmakers failing constituents

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I am reluctantly joining the ranks of those who genuinely feel our politicians are simply not up to the job for which they were elected.

And this growing frustration is shared in equal parts for both political parties.

I had hoped that columns for this new year would focus on issues other than the political arena. But given the divisive nature of this current President and the apparent weakness of my party - the GOP - it appears that politics as usual may once again dominate.

Why is it that our elected leaders seem so strong as individuals yet so weak in a group?

I have abundant faith and confidence in several elected leaders. But when they gather in a unit, it seems as if the wishes of the American people take a back seat.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the resolution on the "fiscal cliff" which cannot be viewed any way other than potentially devastating for our economy.

But it's not so much the "deal" that troubles me, it's the "dealmakers."

I feel as if I have lost any voice in the decisions that impact this great nation.

Our economic problem is runaway spending yet our lawmakers failed to address that singular fact. Instead, higher taxes will generate more money for the politicians to spend.

Our debt and deficit will remain and our spending will actually increase.

And we call that a "deal?"

When politicians say this is the best we can get, then we need to get new politicians who can negotiate better.

All politicians are corrupt - not corrupt in the sense of stuffing ill-gotten money into their pockets but corrupt in the sense that they are always concerned for their futures and thus they curry favor with those who will finance their campaigns.

I'm uncertain of the winners. But I know for certain that we are the losers.

This past year was obviously a presidential election year and politics dominated the news. I had hoped that would change this new year.

It has not, and probably will not, given the size of the stakes.

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