Obama fails to focus on the real problems

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You can imagine my delight when I read that this week's Presidential radio address would focus on "irresponsible behavior."


I have long believed that irresponsible behavior is the underspoken issue that politicians largely ignore.

At long last, this administration would finally address irresponsible behaviors like the explosion of single-parent households, the problem of school dropout rates and the high crimes in urban war zones that account for half of the murders in this country.

And though the President spoke of his passion for a "crackdown" on irresponsible behavior and the need for "cops on the beat to enforce the laws," he was speaking of Wall Street reforms and the appointment of two new administration bureaucrats.

It is becoming increasingly evident that this President practices selective application of righteous indignation to fit his definition of irresponsible behavior.

Why address single-parent issues if it doesn't suit your narrative of irresponsible behavior?

Talk education reform but fail to address the behavior that elevates the drop-out rate.

Urban crime? Must stem from underlying societal issues and certainly not simply irresponsible behavior.

The President wants to talk corporate reform because he fears wading into the real issues of irresponsible behavior.

The drop-out rate in some urban wastelands exceeds 70 percent.

Behavior that often starts at home carries over to the schools and the result is a lost generation.

But that wasn't mentioned.

The birthrate of unwed women also tops 70 percent in far too many areas. And this growing concern is not limited to urban areas alone.

No mention.

Urban war zones? Pick your reason for this crime concern. But we all know that irresponsible behavior is at the core of this issue as well.

Not one single word!

Though he seeks to focus on corporate American, even this President must surely realize that irresponsible behavior is more commonplace in the fabric of our social issues than in the boardrooms of America.

Increasingly and unfortunately, irresponsible behavior can be found in a large white home located in Washington, D.C.

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