Is the economy really on road to recovery?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thank goodness we have arrived at the long-awaited Obama economic recovery. The seas have calmed, as Obama promised, and prosperity has returned to America.

The record-breaking highs in the stock market - fueled by a cheap money policy which is unsustainable and a trillion dollar stimulus - must be a sign of recovery.


Those naysayers who point out this house of cards is a false front surely must be wrong.

Ignore the gas prices and the record food stamp outlays. These are simply distractions in a larger narrative.

So what if food banks are serving record numbers?

Focus on the resurgent housing market.


Just because the financial impact of Obamacare is just months away, your personal financial position should be rising daily.


What deficit? It's just some silly number that only accountants and federal number crunchers can understand.

Here's a novel idea.

Instead of swallowing the state-run media's rosy picture, just take a minute to examine your personal finances.

Grocery prices? Health care costs? Transportation? New non-government jobs?

Make your own list and decide.

A prominent Obama-leaning talking head asked last week when Republicans were going to give Obama his long-overdue credit for our economic recovery.

Leadership - like respect - is earned.

And credit is given when credit is due.

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