Murderous actions hard to comprehend

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What a sad week this has been. When events unfold that we cannot understand, we first look for answers to the countless questions that swirl in our minds.

Innocent people killed. Why? Political reasons? Pure insanity? Revenge for some act we know nothing about?

What has this great country done to deserve the hatred that spawns such attacks?

And as is always the case, we have many more questions than answers.

I was infuriated at our President.

I watched as our President took to the airwaves to display his contempt and vow his revenge.

But his emotional outburst was over the failure of his much-wanted gun control legislation.

His reaction to the disaster in Boston was much less muted.

He assured the city of Boston that they would flourish despite the tragedy.

But he had no comparable level of indignation over those who brought this violence to our country.

As we continue to look for answers, we need to look very closely at what has happened in our country that would motivate someone to take such deadly actions.

And we need to pray.

We need to pray as a nation and ask for forgiveness. And understanding.

But despite this administration's massive reluctance, we also need to realize that there are those who abhor our way of life, our freedoms and our massive opportunities.

And we must realize that our outreach to our enemies has failed because their way of life runs directly counter to ours.

With an economy in free fall and the national agenda focused on side issues like gun control and gay marriage, we lack the leadership to right the ship of state and restore our greatness.

And all that remains is prayer and a collective passion to once again be the shining light on the horizon.

It's just not been a good week.

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