Growing uncertainty is unwelcome in US

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We are now to understand we have a "new normal." If you haven't heard the term, you will.

Whether it's the uncertain economy, the cultural shift to the left, the growing dependence on government or now the resurgence of terrorism at home, we have entered an age of this new normal.

And if we're bombarded enough with this changing mindset, the assumption is that the American public will somehow grow accustomed to these changes - none of which bode well for our future.

This "new normal" is hard to define but easily felt. The media is front and center in presenting, expanding and, in some cases, promoting this growing trend of uncertainty.

America's needs are relatively simple. We want to feel safe and secure, we want the opportunity to succeed if we provide the effort required and we hope and pray to provide a better world for our children and future generations.

These guiding principles have been the hallmark of our society since its founding.

Yet increasingly, our prospects are changing. We fear for our economic future in the wake of dismal federal spending that is clearly out of control. We fear that the erosion of our culture is a forgone conclusion. We fear that our education has become geared toward those who struggle while ignoring the best and brightest among us.

And now - once again - we fear that Boston may be the touchstone for increased violence from those who hate our freedoms and our opportunities.

As you might expect, I blame the Obama administration for much of this wayward shift. This administration gives lip service to a decaying economy. This administration clearly promotes a growing class warfare mentality. And this administration resists recognizing terrorism for what it truly is.

But we're well past the time of blame. Instead we should focus on issues that will reverse this frightening trend of "new normalcy" and make the hard decisions that are perhaps both unpopular and essential at the same time.

If our new normal involves only discussions on gay marriage, gun control, North Korea, Iran, home foreclosures, Obamacare, immigration and terrorism on our shores, then although it is truly new, it is by no measure "normal."

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