Monday, May 20, 2013

Giving to St Jude's

I used to give to birthright, but about all it gets anymore is these teenage mothers and these women that live with men and have kids by 4 or 5 different men. Hey, it's bad enough when I have to use my tax dollars for this nonsense. You know what, that's why I quit giving to birthright. I give to St. Jude's Hospital. That hospital is meant to treat little children. And I'd rather take care of them than to sit there and have to pay twice, first with my taxes and then with money and clothes to birthright so these teenage girls and unwed mothers can reap the benefits.

Fast service

I am a resident in the Wakefield area. Not only do we have our electricity flickering on and off 4-5 times in a row within the last hour, possibly destroying our electronics, but we also have to deal with the municipal vehicles driving 200 mph down the road when we have pets and children out in our yards.