Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's really going on?

Our founders said, "A government should fear the people in a free country, for the people to fear the government is tyranny." Our country is the first in all history to give the responsibility of freedom to the citizens, with citizens' control of the government. Socialism is the state (government) control over everything, opposite of a government of, by and for the people. Hitler's Nazism (national socialism) and Russia's USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) are examples of socialism's tyranny and failure. First they took away the people's guns, then killed tens of millions of the helpless citizens, confiscating all property. The remaining citizens, without private means of gaining food or wealth, became dependent on the government, bartering, many begging or starving. The government-assigned jobs. The government became rich. Our government has turned from protecting us from the Muslims (after 9/1l) to aiding the worldwide Jihad with billions of our tax dollars, jet planes and tanks. The Christians we should help have been persecuted, fleeing the Middle East. Our intelligence and counter-intelligence operations have been shutdown, blinding us to the Boston bombers, among other plans. Our government, through political correctness, is gaining power by controlling our thoughts, freedom of expression, of religion, therefore, our actions. We, not the foreigners, are now suspect, with surveillance over every detail of our lives. Our businesses are bound by red tape, discouraging inventiveness and free enterprise, making it harder to produce and sell. Our government-controlled media and mobs finance by tax dollars rallied against Zimmerman's use of a concealed gun to save his life. They are urging class warfare, ignoring 17,000 recent murders, over 95 percent blacks killing blacks. A black person killing a white person isn't news. The goal is to confiscate our guns. The media harassed Paula Deen, a wonderful example of our culture and free enterprise, to squelch individualism in our country. American, if you expect to vote, first find out what is really going on.

Not out on bridge

This is big news for many residents who have to drive around due to the Blodgett bridge. News has it that they messed up the bridge by blowing out improper pillars underneath which causes the bridge to be out a lot longer than was originally planned. For weeks we have driven down there and there is no one working on the bridge. This is horrible for residents that are having to drive around due to high gas prices. Someone needs to address this issue and get this job done.

Poor Fido

We're calling referring to the dogs running loose in Morley. We are tired of stepping in their dog poop. The city needs to take care of this problem. Shoot them and get rid of them. People are tired of stepping in poop of dogs that don't belong to them. Either chain your dog up or keep them in your own yard.