Thursday, July 25, 2013

Not right to riot

I would like to know why there wasn't a riot when OJ Simpson was arrested for killing a white woman?

Dueling banjos

I think we should call this banjo playing by Mr. Jenkins. You can name it what you want. I rarely enjoy the column he writes, but I'm sure a lot of people do. However, recently when he described his trip to Kentucky, I found it rude and distasteful. Several other people read it and commented it was an unsuccessful attempt in humor and in very poor taste. They said the story belongs in a bar, over a beer with close friends, not in a newspaper. Neither the editor or the columnist showed good judgment in publishing this column. Just sayin'.

Thanks for continuing to read my column even though you rarely enjoy it. My column isn't for everyone and there will be plenty more failed attempts at humor. Feel free to skip over it the next time you see it. Just sayin. (And the banjo plays)

Action, take one!

Instead of Cape filming that movie, they better be getting jobs in the area. There's done two places that are closing as of tonight. Instead of filming movies in Cape, they better be getting some industry in there so people don't lose everything they've got.