Sales tax's passage lets work continue

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A sincere and appreciative thank you goes to Sikeston voters who this week approved the continuation of a 1-cent sales tax that will provide essential funding for our community.

And I don't mean to throw cold water on the success of the sales tax initiative, but I remain perplexed how anyone could have opposed the sales tax.

The biggest shocker came from those who opposed the sales tax because of its funding for the Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority.

Disclaimer: I serve as a proud member of the LCRA board. So there!

How could anyone argue with the success of the LCRA? Would you have our community do nothing about literally hundreds of condemned properties that have virtually ruined neighborhoods?

What would you tell a homeowner who happens to live next door to a condemned structure?

How would you explain this communal deterioration to a newcomer or potential industry looking at our community?

Oh well, thankfully saner heads prevailed and Sikeston voters by a wide margin approved this continued funding.

As stated countless times earlier, much of this funding will go to the Public Safety Department which often has a thankless job.

Did those who voted against this sales tax not read recent headlines about gang activity here? Did you not see the report of the spike in gun shot reports in our community since the first of this year?

Now that the election has succeeded, LCRA can return to the work of cleaning this community and Public Safety can continue their fight against crime in our community.

Every citizen is cordially invited to ask questions of our city and discuss the plans to improve our community.

Despite some fringe beliefs, the spending in our community is an open book and the answers to your questions are readily available.

Thank you voters for having the confidence to support these important programs that will help to improve our community in countless ways.

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