Monday, August 12, 2013

Mail call

I live at 405 Lucas Street in Miner. You knocked my mailbox down. I know who you are. I'd appreciate if you would come back and let's discuss it.

Smile for the camera

SpeakOut, my question is this. Printed in the Standard Democrat, July 31, on Page 13A in big print, "Obama, Clinton meet for lunch sparking 2016 buzz." My question is this. Is this the picture showing the back and side view of a man's head and left ear, are we to believe this is our President Obama? If so, Obama has brownish looking hair and a left ear of a white man. Did anybody else notice this? Check Page 13 and make sure I'm right.

It does not say that the picture is of them. It says that Clinton arrives to have lunch with Obama, not that she is pictured with him.

Stripes or solids?

I have a question. Do they have basketball teams in prison?

Too light to see

I'd like to make a comment on the Aug. 4 Sunday edition of your paper. On 3B, I thought I was going blind the words are so light. That's just uncalled for. You can't even read it.