Saturday, September 7, 2013

More pocket money

These conservative Republicans who are always clamoring for tax cuts and to get the government out of their lives are such hypocrites and liars. They don't want the government in their life because they don't need the government. They have good incomes. They have good health insurance, money in the bank. They've got it pretty well made. Like Holly Rehder and Jason Smith, they have their own businesses. They have farms. They don't need any help from the government. The tax decrease will simply put more money in their pockets and their bank accounts. Conservative Republicans say they want tax cuts to create more jobs, but really, it just puts more money in their pockets and bank accounts. It might create jobs, but it might not. They are gonna get more money when the taxes go down. They don't care about poor people. They only care about more money in their pockets. That's what conservative Republicans really want. Yeah, they don't want the government on their backs because they don't need the government. They've already got it made.

Army to the rescue

I wonder how many people in this area are aware that the United States Army recently had to come into Southeast Missouri to provide healthcare for poor people? Missouri is doing such a bad job of providing healthcare for the poor people that the United States military had to come in and rescue them. This is pretty bad. The conservative Republicans have done severe damage to Missouri. When the United States Army has to come in and help people when Missouri won't, that's pretty bad. Conservative Republicans are ruining Missouri. Think about it.

Number 10

Could someone tell me what the yellow signs with black 10s on them represent in the yards of Sikeston?

The signs represent the 10th anniversary of The Christian Academy.