Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Set the line

Obama is blaming the Congress, and also the world, on the red line. He's the one that set it. He made a fool out of himself, and now he's wanting to blame someone else.

No water, no shade

Thanks to the person who wrote to Speak Out recently about the care of pets in the Sikeston area. You are certainly not alone in your concerns. There are many that are shocked regularly by the pet neglect that takes place daily in this community but do not have the courage to speak up. For those of you who "never noticed," get in your car, drive around town, throughout all neighborhoods and take a look. You might get a great education and be shocked and angered at the neglected animals. Dogs specifically are social pack animals that deserve companionship and exercise. Keeping a dog in a small pen or cage for extended periods of time, isolated simply to accommodate their owner's schedule is unacceptable and it speaks volumes of the owner(s). Most reported cases of animal cruelty involve failure to provide adequate food, water, shelter or veterinary care. Usually these complaints are handled by local animal care and control or humane agencies in an effort to educate the offender to provide proper care. Maybe those who care for animals in this community should be their voice and notify these authorities. Mahatma Gandhi said it best, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." If this is true, then the American society is truly in serious trouble.

New city ordinance?

When did the City of Sikeston pass an ordinance that parking a vehicle on the front, back or side yard of a residence was permissible or acceptable in this community? What can be done to stop this? Maybe a Neighborhood Watch program? It appears to be a city wide epidemic.

Trash, trash, trash

There is a huge trash problem in Sikeston. Some comes from vehicles, while other trash is stacked in front, side and backyards of homes in the Sikeston area. Wonder if this is a deal breaker for potential new residents? Duh! What can citizens do when they see someone throw trash from a vehicle, or see "stuff" drop off a trailer or blow out of a truck? If we love this community do something to preserve it.

Glad it's fall

I'm so glad to see the fall get here so maybe we won't see all this trash, grass and junk in our streets. Our city council is sitting back on their back ends and letting it go on. I sure thank you. I hope our city council will wake up. If not, election time should wake them up.