Playing the politically correct name game

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Have you followed the brouhaha concerning the "controversial" name of the Washington Redskins NFL football team?

Well, it seems that the Native American community is incensed because the derogatory name is an affront to their heritage and are demanding a name change.

Thus far the Redskins owner is standing pat. But rest assured, the politically correct crowd will win this stalemate and a name change is virtually inevitable.

I'm uncertain when this hypersensitivity first erupted on the American culture, but I do recall some isolated cases back in the 1960s when people with too much time on their hands decided to adopt an obscure cause. And the name change game began.

Maybe I lack sensitivity because I find the issue patently phony.

As a proud somewhat Southern native, I might honestly find offense with the Yankees' name. It's a stretch. But then again, there are countless examples of common sense "stretches" these days.

How about a Northerner who finds offense with the Ole Miss Rebels name? Don't laugh. You're next!

What if PETA finds offense with the term Bulldog? Or Bluejay?

Believe me, you can play this game forever.

One newspaper this week compared the Redskins name to the Nazi swastika or the Confederate flag.

Welcome to the new world!

Liberals like to fight phony little wars because, I assume, it somehow makes them feel better about themselves.

Instead of viewing the name Redskins as a tribute to the bravery and gallantry of the Native American nation, liberals find offense even when none is intended.

Remember the SEMO Indians? I had always assumed the name was a sincere tribute to the bravery of those who were subjected to the Trail of Tears. But the name gave way to the Redhawks because of the very same politically correct mentality.

Atlanta has a baseball team. Today they're named the Braves.

Want to bet how long that will last?

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