It is time to admit Obamacare's failure

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The massively flawed rollout of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, should come as no surprise given the unanswered questions that have plagued the federal monstrosity from the very beginning.

But equally as predictable is the reaction of the Obama lemmings, who continue to insist all is well in Obamaland and the "glitches" are little more than technical issues caused by massive interest in the new law.

Heads will undoubtedly roll as this administration looks for someone - anyone - to blame except for the law itself or its chief architect.

To address the growing criticism, the President on Monday paraded a handful of individuals who have successfully navigated the federal red-tape maze.

But all remain hush-hush on actual numbers of enrollees since that embarrassing dismal response thus far could signal more problems ahead.

In a quasi-acknowledgement of the system's sign-up failure, the administration is now urging Americans to phone in their information for enrollment.

And for anyone who has dealt with a federal agency over the phone or even tried to resolve an issue by calling say Charter Internet services, you know how easy and simple and quick that process usually is.

The last thing this administration will do is admit a mistake. Sure, they will acknowledge more glitches than expected but to admit an error is simply not in their playbook.

If this administration has to nuke the economy and uproot the best health-care delivery system in the world to get their way, rest assured they will plow forward at breakneck speed and with little regard to the long-term consequences.

After all, legacies are built on "signature" legislation and the last thing - the very last thing - is to allow that legacy to be tarnished, God forbid!

Human nature is such that it's often very difficult to admit a mistake. I hold no hope that this administration is capable of making that admission.

But for those who believe the world revolves around this administration, can't you admit a mistake? Even staunch conservatives have reluctantly admitted the mistakes of the Bush administration. So why can't liberals admit that this administration has steered this nation down a misguided path that will lead to harm for the American public?

OK, I just watched the President muddle his way through the Obamacare website fiasco. He sounded like a huckster on a late night infomercial repeating a 1-800 number in an attempt to salvage his misguided program.

With an ego that large, no mistakes are of his making and his awesome power will fix it pronto.

It must be true. The President said it. Right?

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