Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Looking for love

I want to know is there a place in Sikeston where single men can go and meet single women who are looking for single men.

Ungodly laws

No wonder the United States is coming to its knees. They are legalizing everything that is against God's laws. It's just awful. When they take God out of everything, they are messing up. Gay marriage, drugs, drinking and prostitution and all that stuff, it's ridiculous. I don't know how the preachers expect people to come to church and be saved when the preachers condone everything the government passes. They just go right along with it.

We know meaning of poor

I agree with the person that wrote "What is the definition of poor?" I grew up the same way this person did. We didn't have any food stamps. We got out and raised our own food. I went to school a lot of days without lunch because my parents could not afford it. I wore patches on my shoes. It didn't do anything but make me stronger and make me want to have a better life. I agree with him about the commodities. I would like to have the commodities back too. With commodities you can't spend like you do with food stamps and buy liquor and drugs. I know you can get money back with food stamps and know what's they do it for sometimes.

- - -

The speakout "What is the definition of poor?" is a carbon copy of my thoughts. I was raised on a farm. We worked the fields for survival and walked one and a-half miles one-way to a rural school for nine months. Believe me, there were no fat kids sitting on their butts pushing video buttons. Many children were grow up like their low-life mothers because there is no father in the picture. All these draw a freebie check should be required to pick up trash, mow the yard (and I mean with a push mower) or some other laborious work. I bet the population of illegitimate births would decrease big time. That's my thoughts on this particular day. God bless.

Can't get the signal

Why can't I get the TV signal from KFVS-12? I'm on antenna and I'd like to just get the best TV program there is. I just cannot pick it up. Is it just me or is it all of Sikeston too?