Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Do your own job

Yes, I would just like to say that President Obama should get out of the insurance business. He is hurting a lot of people and his wife should get out of the school lunch business. She don't know anything about that. They should mind their own business and do the jobs that they are paid to do.

Pants on fire

I want to entitle this liar, liar. I hope all you people who listened to the lies and voted for Obama are happy.

Good job East Prairie

I just wanted to call and commend the East Prairie R-2 School District. A.J. Martin in particular. The principal there has done an exceptional job in turning the school around this year. I believe she has done a fantastic job and kudos to the East Prairie School System. It is wonderful living in East Prairie.

Tears in the teepee

This is about the article in the SpeakOut about the Washington Redskins, how the owner should be responsible to change it. It hurt the people's feelings. That person needs to direct their train of thought to the illegal aspect of our government instead of the legal part because the owner of the Redskins has the legal rights to that name for that team. Our native Americans had 40 years to get this done. The younger ones now are in it for the money. I know the heritage and that's all fine. Look at the other states. Look at Illinois. They are giving illegal aliens drivers license to people that are not even legal to be in the states. That infringes on our rights as Americans. We bust our butts every day to have the rights to get those licenses. They have the rights to drive on our roads. You need to concentrate on the real issues at hand instead of worrying about somebody's nickname on a football game. It's only a game. If you are going to do one, do every one, every high school, college, pro or whatever sport they have. Erase them all, don't just hit on one. If not, set in your teepee and cry.