Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tooting the truckers' horns

It's good to honor the veterans and the good they do, but we have heroes out there that we don't even recognize. Our truckers are out there 24-7. They don't have Thanksgiving and they don't have Christmas and nobody ever recognizes them.

Can't read the sign?

I have been noticing for the last couple of weeks that there have been people standing out at the intersection in front of Walmart with signs asking for help. Funny thing about that is they are standing right beside a sign that says "No soliciting." Maybe that's why they need help, they don't know how to read. I'm all for helping someone that is in need, but very seldom do those signs say they are willing to work, they just want money for standing there. I've had to work for every cent I've got in my life and they are no better than me. I truly believe if you want to work, you can work. It may not be a glamorous job or the kind of work you want, but when you are destitute enough to beg for help, you take what you can get.