Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gas too high for me

I need someone to check on the possibility of price gouging for LP gas. At this price, how can the average person pay for it?

Tax won't help education

This is in regard to the school board proposal for a tax increase that would quadruple our taxes and to talk about the response in Sunday's paper that "large plans produce large results." I think there is a lot of things our school system needs more than an increase in funds. Chicago, for example, spends the most money of any school district in the nation and they have the worst results of their massive spending in education. I, for one, will be against any tax increase and will vote no on any proposal. The school board needs to focus on common core. That's their number one objective. Get rid of common core curriculum, otherwise they will have no local control whatsoever. They cannot increase taxes enough to keep in place what the federal common core standards are gonna bring us in the way of costs.

East Prairie needs Subway

I'm from East Prairie and I just turned off to go to Benton and I noticed that Benton has a Subway just right down the road from the interstate. Now, if Benton can have a Subway, why can't East Prairie have a Subway. I think it would do a booming business if we had one.