Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pushes my buttons

I don't know why businesses have offices any place. All it is is push this button, push that button to get to a human. Most of them are so stupid that you have to push more buttons. If they are gonna hire people to work, let them work. They send you to India, China or someplace else. That is ridiculous.

Chili today, hot tamale

I just saw a hot tamale stand on a corner in Sikeston. Brought back some old St. Louis memories from when I lived there as a kid. Hot tamales were on every corner. Big thumbs up. Way to go.

No place to go

This young couple with three children, that lived out there on Harry or somewhere, they didn't have heat. They didn't have nothing. I don't think they was sending the kids to school like they should. Anyway, they came in and took the children. Do you know they've asked for a house at the Housing Authority, and there was 2 or 3 houses that I know of that could be used for a family, but one of the houses, they put a woman and a little girl in a three bedroom house. I don't think she's stayed there a week. That family couldn't have a house. I think that's a darn shame that they can let one person have a house and a family with three kids with no place to stay have nothing.

The Housing Authority has waiting lists for all properties. When your name reaches the top, you are offered property. It applies to everyone.

Talk it out

I live in Morehouse and have a grandson that lives with me. He's a big boy. This big boy is in bad health. A whole carload of guys came by here and was gonna try and beat up this boy. He's a man, but he's not a man. He still has a child's mind. You would think if they wanted to fight with him they'd do it one on one. I just want these boys to know, whoever you are, you don't come to my house pounding my door down. That wasn't appropriate at all. I don't live like that. I believe in having respect for the elderly and the sick. And another thing is that my grandson has a heart condition and a very bad breathing problem. If he's ever jumped and hit in the wrong place, he will die. Don't jump, hurt and kick my grandson because if you do, you could hurt him very badly or even kill him. That would be really bad. You would go to jail and it's not worth it. I'm asking you to back off and sit down and talk to him like a man. Don't do it. I'm asking you in a nice way. There's other ways to settle your problems. I'll pray for you.