Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No Core value

This call is in regard to the speakout, "Tax won't help education." I agree completely with the person that put this in there. Tax will not help our education as much as getting rid of the Common Core. I cannot believe that the teachers, the school board, all of our educators have not looked into this and what it's all about. I cannot believe the parents are so blind to what is going on around them. The Common Core needs to be stopped. They need to learn about it, read about it and find out where it's coming from and what it's really all about. I only have grandchildren in school right now, but I am really worried about them. We should be more concerned about our children's education and what is going on in our schools. Parents, teachers, grandparents, open your eyes. Find out and help the children.

Walking the course

Now that the city owns the former golf course, is it permissible to use it as a walking venue?

Shhh, it's a secret

Is there anyone in the Obama Administration who tells the truth or does his job without first trying to quieten down the things that are coming out against the government departments? It is totally ridiculous the shape our country is in.

Rescue US

We know that the children are our future, and the propaganda of today can become the government policies of tomorrow. Please rescue our United States.

Same insurance for all

The true phase of Obamacare is now coming out. People will be denied the help they need. We need to make sure our Congress and our political officials have the same type of insurance that we do. They should not be an upper epsilon.

Missed her clean

This is a rebuttal to the lady who was talking about the in-home house cleaning. Honey, I have seen the results of some of you in-home housekeepers, and y'all do a lousy job. One man that I know personally had a housekeeper that left stains on the floor, trash in the floor plus trash in the baskets everyday. They were required to stay two hours a day and they would leave after 30 minutes. I do know that for a fact. And yes, they are gone now. We have a decent housekeeper for him now. He's 80 years old, honey. He needs one.