Monday, March 17, 2014

Bigger is better

I would like to speakout about the print of the paper. It would be better to have two papers a week and enlarge the print instead of having as many as we have and not be able to read it. Most of the people that read the paper are the elderly. The young ones already know what the sports news is or they see it on TV. It's the older people that read the paper, and we can't read it because we can't see it. I've complained about the print for years and it hasn't done any good. Someone calls in about a stupid game in the paper and you enlarge that. On the days that you don't have a paper, you put in an extra one. You can buy these books with an enlarged crossword puzzle in it. Why in the world you don't enlarge the print so people can read it, I don't know. It's getting where we can't even read the paper even with a magnifying glass. It won't be long before you won't have any subscribers because it don't do us no good to get it if we can't even read it.

Fancy math not required

I don't know why people thinks it takes all this fancy math to try to convince everyone how this new school tax will benefit everyone. The way I see it is current taxes + new school tax = higher taxes. This math problem was done by old math, but still got the same answer. Please vote NO on the proposed school tax.

Healthcare options

I am calling in response to the person that called SpeakOut claiming she cannot get any cheap insurance from the new marketplace. First, I'd recommend that she see if she qualifies for public assistance, either through Social Security Disability or through the state family support division. Sometimes they can help with Medicaid based on medical need. Then I would suggest she contact her Missouri legislature and urge them to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid. If Missouri would do so, then this woman could see a doctor to help with her numerous medical problems, just as President Obama intended. Unlike the majority of Republicans, I empathize with this woman. That's why I support the Affordable Care Act and that's why I want universal care for all Americans.

Bigger is not better

I heard a story about two men who bought watermelons for a dollar, and sold them for 50 cents. They did a booming business. In fact, they could not keep up with the orders. They could not understand why they were losing money, until one of the men said, "I know. We need a bigger truck." Larger, newer buildings will not produce a correspondingly better education product either.

Two is better than three

Let's see we have 400 students less and the school board wants to reduce the school district from three elementary schools to two elementary schools and save on maintenance costs? Makes sense to me.

Curriculum won't improve

I have two grandchildren in the Sikeston Public School system. I want them to have a good education. But I do not for a minute believe saddling the property owners of this district with a huge, long-term tax burden, will improve the curriculum or the methods being used to teach it.

Spend tax money locally

I am a Yes vote. I am tired of sending my money to Washington and not getting anything for it. At least when I pay local school taxes I can see school buildings being built for our kids. Count me in as a supporter.