Make KRCC telethon part of weekend plans

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Once a year -- without fail -- I use this column space to promote and encourage participation in the annual Kenny Rogers Children's Center Telethon.

This is that Sunday.

While quickly glancing back on prior telethon-related columns, I could not help but notice a recurring theme that I will repeat once again this year.

For many, many years, I was honored to play a minor role in the telethon and the Center itself. By honored, I mean I was given a front row seat to watch as miracles unfolded.

I find myself sometimes at a loss for words when it comes to explaining what this Center does and how their actions impact families.

The therapy provided without charge for the families of children with learning delays or disabilities is among the best available in the nation.

That is not boastful hometown pride. That's a fact.

But the work of the Center goes far beyond the therapy itself. These dedicated men and women change lives -- lives of children and families and beyond.

Words will always fall far short of painting a portrait of the Center's work. You simply have to see firsthand the amazing progress and see the eyes of a child brighten as they accomplish that which was impossible before.

As a longtime volunteer for the Center, I have had the privilege of seeing children progress and expand their horizons in truly amazing ways.

And the success stories are written on their faces or the faces of parents who see struggles turn into successes and successes turn into achievements.

But the reality is that it takes financial resources to offer these services.

That's where you come in and that's where the Telethon plays such an important role.

Don't think for a moment that you have to break the bank to be part of this amazing weekend. Quite the contrary.

What it takes is a little participation from a lot of people. And judging from the financial success of the Telethon through the years, I have no reason to doubt this year will be an exception.

Here's the nice thing, too. The Telethon -- which is clearly designed to raise funds -- is also a fun weekend event with something for everyone of all ages.

The guarantee is that if you view the Telethon or, even more, if you visit the Telethon at the SHS Fieldhouse, you will walk away feeling better about yourself and better about the amazing work that goes on each day in our community.

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