Monday, April 14, 2014


This is in response to Stay Out of Bars. Bars don't shoot people. People shoot people, idiot.

Check out the books

This is to all opposition for Common Core in our schools. Did you know that the school board voted to bring in text books taken out of the fourth largest school in the country - Miami Dade. Check out the books, that is if the Board of Education will give you a specific list of text books and not just subjects. If you have not gone to a presentation of Common Core, please do yourself a favor and do so. Get some of the school board members off to themselves and they will tell you they are scared to death of it.

Teacher support

This is on the front page of the April 2 Standard Democrat, Teachers claims are under investigation. Ladies and gentlemen, when did we lose our rights to freedom of speech? And our teachers to use personal days to do what they want that is within the law? And who is the school board to dictate what those teachers are or are not to say on a comment because it might hurt their feelings? When did we lose our rights? The government is trying to take that away from them because they've got a lot of spoiled rotten kids that won't listen to them and their hands are tied. You've got the school board doing the same thing. Get back to reality, folks. Let the teachers get to teaching and let things get back to where they belong. Let's draw the line and don't let the school council or the government cross it. Teachers, we are supporting you. Have at it!


I would like to know why people can't go have a good time without getting sloppy drunk. They can't take their children anyplace and be with their family without drinking beer. That's all people think about. I'm surprised they don't serve beer in churches now. They've let everything else go. I just don't understand how they give almost every cent they have to slop around and drink beer and hardly feed their kids or anything.