Immigration policy will have long-range implications for U.S.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Those who relentlessly continue to support the missteps of this administration have crossed the line from being partisan to being delusional.

And I don't use that term in an off-handed, casual manner.

To ignore the impending financial and social collapse from a tidal wave of undocumented immigrants must be delusional.

It's impossible to explain otherwise.

Absent a bi-partisan plan to integrate into the fabric of this nation, the administration has decided to unilaterally open wide the borders to a flood of unemployed, uneducated, non-English speaking newcomers.

But this administration clearly ignores the long-range implications of this policy.

To expand the government safety net for these new arrivals will cost untold billions of tax dollars when, quite frankly, those tax revenues are not available.

But in the world of progressive politics, you spend the money first and then you try to figure out a way to pay for it.

Presented with a flood of illegals, states have now resorted to "dumping" these new arrivals in other states.

Playing "hot potato" with people's lives is far from compassionate. But what are we to do when we lack the basic resources to feed and houses this human tsunami?

Tragically, it does little good to remind the American public of the misdeeds of this administration. Just when you begin to believe that the IRS probe will force Lois Lerner to cough up the truth, you hear the Obamacare sign-ups may be inflated by around two million enrollees.

But before there can be any national attention to that latest lie, a prisoner exchange erupts and we forget Obamacare, et. al.

Yet in the background, comes immigrant dumping and an estimated 1,000 children crossing the border unquestioned each day. Then the administration makes available legal help for those crossing illegally with a new $2 million grant to fund legal counsel for youth facing deportation hearings.

In the past few years, the feds have witnessed an estimated 5,000-6,000 illegal minors crossing the borders under the impression that women and children would not be deported. That number is estimated by some to reach as high as 230,000 new undocumented minor arrivals in the next two years.

The Obama administration has adopted a unique policy toward these new arrivals - ignore the law. Provide them with shelter and food - housed in military installations across the Southwest - and ignore the laws they break to enter this country.

It's useless to talk of border security because this administration recognizes no borders whatsoever.

If and when the progressives awake from their delusional stupor, it will, of course, be too late.

It is clearly delusional to think you can add 35 million Americans to the government health care rolls and costs will decrease. It's equally as delusional to think a prisoner swap for the release of five, high-ranking enemy combatants will somehow not infuriate the American public. And the greatest delusion thus far - thinking that millions upon millions of illegals coming here will not break the federal piggy bank.

In some ways, I count myself fortunate. My grandchildren are learning Spanish in school. At this rate, they'll need it.

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