Some use Ferguson for their own agendas

Saturday, August 23, 2014

On so many levels, I pity the residents of Ferguson, Mo. By most accounts, the city is not unlike countless other communities across the country.

Ferguson suffers from higher than average unemployment and a majority African-American population. It has its share of criminal activity but then again, the same can be said for countless other communities struggling with changing social issues and lower income levels.

But the Ferguson we see on television nightly as of late is not the same Ferguson seen by its residents.

Tree-lined streets - not unlike our community - are throughout the community. A visitor there this week reported countless volunteers - both black and white - joining together each morning in an organized clean-up campaign to remove debris left by outside agitators who hope to take advantage of a tragic situation.

That visitor also sat for morning coffee in the now-famous McDonald's with a group of clergy - again both black and white - sharing coffee and conversation on ways to cooperate in these troubled times.

So Ferguson is not the problem.

The problem are those who willfully try to advance their skewed agenda. Ferguson to them is no more than an opportunity to sow the seeds of unrest and division.

Here's just a partial list because space would never permit a full accounting of the scum who seek to benefit from this tragedy.

Al Sharpton, who will surely inflame the passions more during tomorrow's funeral services for Michael Brown, has a long and checkered history of flat out lying on issues of race. Ferguson has become his new sweet spot.

But we all know Sharpton and expect his warped view of society. We should blame NBC for paying this race-baiter and putting his highly distorted views before the American public.

Spike Lee, who famously got in hot water for his remarks and actions during the Trayvon Martin case, urged rioters in Ferguson to "blow up" with violence. This pathetic little man who makes pathetic little movies should be shunned or charged with inciting a riot.

Eric Holder, who in theory is the highest law enforcement official in the land, lands in St. Louis to voice his support for the Brown family while throwing the police officer under the proverbial bus. Holder is perhaps the greatest law breaker in this nation's history and has an extraordinary talent for inserting his foot in his mouth.

Gov. Jay Nixon, who was Missouri's attorney general, made the most outlandish statement on the need for prosecution in this case to the amazement of everyone. In one two-minute statement, Nixon embarrassed himself and the state of Missouri and probably ended a political career in record time.

And finally, the national media deserve the lion's share of the blame for the Ferguson fiasco. The leftist opinions on the national media are in full display in Ferguson spouted by cowards and idiots who bring their agendas, flame the fans of distrust and then return to their offices looking for the next hot spot to promote.

There's ample pity to go around. But even more than pity, there is shame on those who take advantage of a tragedy to promote their agenda.

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