Doomsday words are just partisan politics

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"The end of civilization as we know it." Those are powerful words. Frightening words. Doomsday words. Yet those were the words used by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week to describe the results of a Republican victory in the United States Senate this November.

I recognize that hyperbole is the language of politics. And those same exaggerations are used frequently by both political parties.

But Pelosi - a leading weapon in the GOP arsenal - took the hype to new levels when she said that civilization was in jeopardy if the Republicans regain the Senate come November.

Her repulsive, inaccurate and destructive words illustrate the dismal state of the current Democratic Party.

Digest, if you will, these divisive and inflammatory words spoken by a person of power and influence in this country.

And just to put icing in her partisan cake, the former House Speaker said the Republicans were "fear mongers" and the Democratic Party was the party of "hope."

Maybe Pelosi meant that her definition of civilization is in jeopardy with a Republican takeover.

And on that point, I would agree.

Pelosi's civilization - like her Democratic colleagues - includes growing government dependency, a total elimination of our national borders and a loss of freedoms and standing in the world.

Pelosi's civilization is in jeopardy because the false promises are wearing thin on a beleaguered public.

Increased racial division, overburdened taxes, unlimited federal spending and political correctness are not the formula for a civilized society.

This is not the first time Pelosi and company have talked about a change in civilization. The first time was in 2008.

Remember 2008?

If I recall correctly, civilization was supposed to change following the 2008 elections.

Well, change it did. Just as the House Speaker predicted.

And today, you don't have to look far and wide to see that change.

Unfortunately, Pelosi's civilization overhaul has eroded shared values and put this country on a troubling path.

To argue or debate that new direction is to argue the indefensible.

Pelosi's words are so very partisan - not fear mongers like the nasty GOP - as to be laughable.

But as you well know, there's nothing laughable about those words.

Pelosi is a sad and pathetic creature who greatly misses her day in the limelight. But using this language is, well to put it mildly, uncivilized.

I hope and pray that Pelosi's definition of civilization does come to an abrupt end this November. Followed closely by her dying political career.

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