Thursday, September 25, 2014

End the brutality

The United States as a country needs to work toward a comprehensive code that no brutality toward any creature of any kind will be tolerated and so that could make a pretty broad sweep. It would include corporate abuse of unnecessary firing of people and moving their jobs, it can include corporate abuse of animals in factory farms, it can include brutality and destruction of the environment and when you get down individuals, of course the front line of attack will be animal abuse, child abuse and any other form that takes. It can be done if the schools and the judicial system and the crooks we have for a poor excuse for a government somehow start doing things the right way. And no more abusing recruits in the military and turning them into killing machines. The best warriors are your most intelligent, trained, sensitive people -- those are your best warriors if you look in history. They are not just brutal killing machines.

Pull 'em up

Yes, I'm wondering why all the young men around here wear their pants half down and you can see their boxers or their underwear. Don't they know that started in prison? What you really wonder is whose girlfriend is that going to be next.