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Friday, November 14, 2014

Thank a teacher

As teacher appreciation week approaches I encourage everyone to stop and take a closer look at our schools and teachers. This has been a rough patch for educators lately and I feel it's time to acknowledge the day-to-day positive influence our teachers are having on our children. My child attends Matthews Elementary. I have the pleasure of dropping off and picking up each day. I must say the staff is not only efficient with the long lines but very friendly. Mr. Jenkins and the counselor greet the children with a friendly hello every morning. This says a lot about a principal and it makes me feel secure in turning my children over to his care. The patrol students have been very polite and I enjoy seeing them every day. The teachers in the afternoon are friendly to the parents and talk to each child as they leave for the day. My son thinks the world of all the teachers there and has lots of stories to share about his day and they always make me smile. This means a lot to me as a parent and I appreciate the small things they do to make the students feel special. I hope everyone will remember to stop and thank a teacher this month.


I'm calling Speakout to say amen to John McMillen and his opinion in the paper about Board business. I think he hit the nail on the head.

For the record

Yes, this is to the sports editor. I read about Sikeston's high school rushing record holders and that is great information. Before basketball season gets in full swing, would it be possible to get the list of top passers, receivers, tackles and so forth? It would be great for sports people to know.