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Monday, November 17, 2014

Another McMillen fan

I will certainly speak clearly and slowly on my Speakout and must I say on behalf of over 3,000 voting Sikeston R-6 taxpayers I feel compelled to stand and applaud John McMillen's lucid Nov. 5 letter on page 6. I also felt is curious that it was not printed until after the Nov. 4 election. Ironical to me. Although I do not know you Mr. McMillen, there are many of us in this small town who urge you to keep up your truthful work. It would also be most ironic, and albeit doubtful, if a representative of this devious and shifty school board and school administration would truthfully respond with their letters to the editor, especially addressing Mr. McMillen's final comments.

Help sought

Now that the election is over and we are suppose to have new people helping us, I am curious and hoping to find one of them. Who do I get to help me with a card issue. My adopted child is a medical child in dire need of her syringes that the state is denying payment for although they had paid for them all these years. She has medical issues where she can't take anything other than through her T-button tube and it is the only way to get her medication in her. Without syringes we can't do it. With them denying a lot of things that are medical necessities these children and adults that are special needs or medically challenged, they are the ones being shifted to the back burner and everything. I don't know if they are just going to let them all die or what is the problem. I'm not even sure who is suppose to be representing us now around here for the state of Missouri but I do know we have been fighting these issues for quite some time of getting the medical supplies these children and adults need. The pharmacies and the stores, God bless them, they don't want to fill these orders and then be stuck with the bill because the state is not paying. I'd appreciate if the new people in charge would get something done before I have to lose my child for not being able to give her her medication.

For the birds

What are you trying to do, wear people out before they get a chance to speak? Listening to your conditions for the call? You ought to let people say exactly what they say. Then you know what people really think. Anyway, I am wondering where are the birds? Where are the bluejays, the cardinals, where are the doves, where are the mocking birds, where are the sparrows? Of course, I never see any starlings. Are the hunters in cahoots with Monsanto and the fake conservation department killed them all one way or another. I think maybe. I've lived nearly all my life in Missouri and I have never in my life seen a live bluebird anywhere, ever.