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Monday, December 22, 2014

The more you stir ...

I was watching Dr. Phil and he had Michael Brown's parents on his show. Of course the so-called Rev. Al Sharpton was on video putting his two cents in. That man is causing divide in the country between the blacks and the whites. Sure I believe there are some police officers that are bullies and misuse their badges. You should have heard the blasphemous lies that were told on this white police officer Darren Wilson. I was upset how the police officers in Queens, N.Y., treated that poor black man. They should have gotten him medical help. But they will have their day, you can well believe it. And what can we expect when we take God out of everything and prayer is taken out of our schools and sin is not dealt with behind the pulpit? Thank God for policemen. We wouldn't be able to walk down a lot of the streets if it wasn't for good policemen. God bless.

March for the babies

This is just a thought, all this marching, destroying and looting properties over two people they thought were killed unnecessarily. What about all these abortions performed on infant babies everyday? No one is marching for them.