Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pigskin over sheepskin

That bunch in St. Louis is proposing spending at least $430 million taxpayer dollars on a football stadium. Why should any public money be spent? Do you realize how much tuition could be paid for Missouri children with $430 million? This is what's wrong with this country. The United States is just full of it. There's no future here.

Want facts, not propaganda

I read the editorial in your featured section in the Friday, Jan. 9 newspaper. The headline was "The Keystone fight is about so much more." I was quite excited because I am desperately looking for facts so that I might draw an opinion about this project. When Mr. Kerpin, the editor or columnist, used the standard line the merits are well known, I had a feeling this was going to be a propaganda piece. The merits are not well known. That is simply a lie. I have sought the facts on this project for over a year. If the news media wants to do a favor, they should present both sides and the arguments of legitimate people. A quick Google of Mr. Kerpin will let you know what type of a person he is. He is a propagandist. Our population needs facts from the news media because no ignorant population can maintain the gift of this wonderful form of government we have. Again, do yourself a favor and Google the columnist Phil Kerpin and his many organizations to discover what the source of his facts really are.