Monday, January 26, 2015

Drone gone

I lost my drone. It flew away in Sikeston on Saturday. Please return it to me. If you find it. $100 reward. Call 573-380-0239

Switch housekeepers

This is for "Surprise visit." First of all, this is not free government help that they give to the elderly and handicapped. Your working dollars are help paying for this. Not all women or men that are cleaning are crooked like these people are doing. Some of them take advantage of these old people by getting free quilts, free anything they can bum off of them. They will find an elderly client that is elderly and kind-hearted and they bum off of them. I know this from experience because it happened to my mother. If you are late getting back from a doctor's appointment, they won't wait 5 minutes and they're gone. It's time to get rid of them. That's what happened to us and we got rid of that little gal in a hurry.

Ugly in eye of beholder

I live in East Prairie. I hate what that did to Main Street. It looks stupid and sure does not beautify the town. It is dangerous. I have changed my pharmacy and bank and do my flower shopping somewhere else. Pretty soon there won't be any businesses in East Prairie. I'm sure there are lots of people doing the same thing. Whomever did this street needs to have their head examined because it sure did not beautify East Prairie.

Clean up or pay up

I live over here in Morehouse and I was reading where someone called in SpeakOut about the bad-looking yards and trash in the yards. Our alderman and mayor refuses to do anything about it. It's the same people over the years, and they just seem to get worse and worse and more and more junk in their yards. Our mayor was good to help people during the flood, but it's time for him to do something about this or step aside. If you hit them in the pocketbook, then they will get up and do something about their yards.