Friday, February 6, 2015

Clean up your own mess

This is a response to "Emergency, dirty diapers." Someone was throwing dirty diapers on someone's property and they want the police to come out and pick them up. Are you kidding me? It's your property. You pick it up.

Hitting a new bottom

I saw on the news this morning where all these new parents and little gals and stuff are getting worried about the price of Pampers. I saw where they were talking about lowing the tax on diapers and wipes. They need to talk about lowering the taxes on something else besides lazy butt people. Buy some cloth diapers and get off your butts and wash them. There's laundromats. Most people have washers and dryers. They're just too dang lazy to wash diapers. They'd rather throw money into the trashcan. That is utterly ridiculous. We didn't have washers and dryers when my kids were little. I had to put them in a wringer washer and wash them and hang them out on the line to dry. Sometimes they'd freeze to your hands. You don't need wipes to wash your baby's butt. Use a washrag and wash them. That's stupid.