Slow news week still had its bombshells

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

By Washington, D.C., standards, this past week was fairly quiet. The week before, we joined with the whole of civilized humanity in mourning the barbaric murder of a downed Jordanian pilot by the junior varsity group ISIS.

But this last week, the focus had turned to Bruce Jenner's "he-to-she" transformation and the well-earned departure of Brian Williams and Rosie O'Donnell from the airwaves.

Well, actually, I take that back. There were a few nuggets of news to reinforce the growing notion that we stand on insanity's doorstep.

President Obama told the National Prayer Breakfast audience that Christians should get off their "high horse" and remember that during the Crusades, Christians acted just like the ISIS thugs who behead and burn alive those who fail to agree with their religious views.

Let's just say that the awkward and wildly inaccurate comparison was met with less than enthusiasm from the majority of Americans outside of the New York Times and MSNBC bubble.

In some unexplainable attempt to double-down on his view of the Muslim community, the President then met secretly in the White House with 14 Muslim leaders including Azhar Azeez, president of the Islamic Society of North American, a group founded by the Muslim Brotherhood known widely for funneling money to terrorist organizations.

The media was curiously barred from a photo-op with the visiting dignitaries.

Keeping with the terrorist theme, Jeh Johnson, head of Homeland Security, reported this week that "sleeper" terrorist cells are in America and "poised" to attack.

Now that's an ingredient that should make for restless nights.

While this routine week was unfolding at home, a new bombshell report surfaced from English researchers that should provide yet another nail in the climate change coffin.

Following extensive research, this new report verifies that climate change zealots have been changing official temperature readings across the globe to reflect warming temperatures when in fact those temperatures were actually showing cooler readings.

I know it's hard to believe that some who would benefit from the massive scam of climate change would actually fudge the numbers. But there it is in black and white.

And the fraud is not contained to one small locale but involves phony temperatures from Iceland to South America and beyond.

Can you believe that?

And the quiet slow news week ended with an interview where the President returned to his popular theme of wealth distribution.

The President told his ultra-liberal interview host that wealth redistribution is "always a positive good."

In his words, to take from the producers and give to others is truly the American way.

The President's Obamacare architect already told us that the national health overhaul was more about redistributing wealth than health care so the President's comments should come as no surprise.

At last a slow news week. Nothing to see here folk. Just keep on working or looking for a job or worrying about your taxes or wondering why the President issued 5.5 million work permits for illegal immigrants or pondering why the CEO of Gallup polling would say the administration's unemployment numbers are actually twice as high as reported.

Yep, just another slow news week.

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