Friday, May 1, 2015

Tell you anything?

Does the Friday, April 17 SpeakOut column tell you you need to be involved in all city council meetings?

Not our fault

I was appalled and offended of how this president is blaming the Christians for all the killings that's going on over in Kenya and other places around the world. He said us Christians wasn't showing love toward the Muslim religion. He said that's why Christians were being killed, it was the Christians' fault. I'm sorry, but that man don't have enough sense to be president.

Dumping doggies

Mike, what do you do when dogs are dropped off? Recently when I woke up, I found two dogs in my yard. Same thing happened three years ago. Even though I wasn't wanting any kind of pets, I kept them. I live outside the city limits. The Humane Society is full, and they have a waiting list. You can't find anyone that wants a dog. Any suggestions?