Saturday, May 9, 2015

Presence not presents

Just a reminder. Mother's Day is May 10. Please make a mom happy by calling her or going to visit her and wishing her a happy Mother's Day. Let her know you are thinking of her. She will be far happier from your presence than your presents.


I am just wondering if y'all have anybody or a place in Mississippi County that we could learn line dancing or use a building for line dancing.

A new outlook on life

First I would just like to thank God. I would like to say I have never spoken to anyone who gave me so much hope for life and encouragement. I met a man from Arkansas. I was having a hard time and going through some things in the past year of my life, and it's just amazing how he just has gave me so much hope. I have never spoken to anyone in my life that has made me feel that life is good and so worth living for. It just amazes me how kind words coming from a total stranger can just give you a whole new outlook on life and make you feel so different about yourself. Thank God for this person. I pray that his life is much better and I wish him the best. Thank God for another angel.

Love it or leave it

When is somebody gonna go something about these people that are rioting and tearing up? I just saw a thing on the news in Ohio where they were standing on a flag and said they don't get equal rights in America. If they feel like that, let them pack up their suitcase, get in the car and go somewhere else. They don't act like they got any sense.

All you gotta do is call

I am a subscriber to the paper. I would like to speakout on the delivery driver. I sit out on my porch everyday waiting for my paper. He threw out two newspapers at seven houses, that's all he threw out. I had to go next door and borrow a newspaper from the neighbor. I don't figure that I should have to pay for something I'm not going to get, especially when it is free on Wednesdays.

As we said before, if you are a subscriber and do not get a paper, call the office and one will be brought to you.