Saturday, May 23, 2015

Gravesite not so sightly

I took some beautiful flowers out to my mother's grave on Mother's Day to the Garden of Memories. I was ashamed of what I saw out there. The west side of the cemetery look like it might have been mowed, but the east side had weeds and grass that looked like they may have been a foot tall. I hope the people who bought that can do better than what was done today. Could you people not doing any better than that? I am so ashamed of you.


On Monday May 11, two crossword puzzles with clues, but no puzzles to work. What did you do to the puzzles?

Oops! The May 13 edition ran three puzzles to make up for our boo-boo!

It's not just New Madrid

In the early 1980s, most people in the area know that high schools in New Madrid County joined to form what is known as New Madrid County Central. High schools in Matthews, Parma, Lilbourn and New Madrid have not existed since that time. I have been very upset to see the announcements for the senior class of 2015 at New Madrid County Central identifying the school in beautiful script as New Madrid High School. Not only is this upsetting to the alumni and the residents of these communities, an apology or reprinting should be offered. Graduation announcements are usually kept for many years. According to this announcement, the Class of 2015 is graduating from a high school that hasn't been open for over 30 years.