Lack of faith in nation result of Obama's plan

Saturday, June 20, 2015

To no one's surprise, a new poll shows the American public has lost faith in virtually every aspect of life.

Government, the media and even organized religion have all diminished in favor with a majority of Americans.

Confidence in Congress is under a 10 percent approval rating. Same applies to the national news media and the current administration.

The sole remaining shred of support comes for the military which still finds faith among the public.

I certainly agree and find no fault with these sobering survey results.

But the real question is why -- in such a relative short time -- have we lost faith in the foundations of this once-great nation?

Let me provide the answer.

Barack H. Obama.

When the President -- the leader of the American public -- lacks faith in this country, what results do you expect?

When the President blames America for the troubles around the world, what results to you expect?

When tragedy unfolded in Charleston, S.C., this week, the President did not blame a lone mentally-ill racist. He blamed the gun culture in this country and the institutional racism that he sees around each and every corner.

When crime after crime is committed and makes the headlines, this President uses the tragedies to trump his socialist agenda and urge more controls and limitations over our daily lives.

No wonder we have lost faith in these institutions we once held dear.

The institutions long ago lost faith in the American public.

The daily drumbeat from the White House is to deny the exceptional nature of this great nation and to point the finger of blame at American values.

Were it not for a compliant national media, this administration would be held to account for their planned destruction of our country.

But the media lapdogs have fully consumed the Obama Kool-Aid and continue to heap blame on us.

But for the color of his skin, this President would long ago have been ridiculed out of office and relegated to the trash heap of history.

But the social experiment that is Barack Obama will leave an indelible scar on the face of America for far beyond this generation.

It's easy to lose faith in those concepts that prove consistently wrong.

But the truly frightening aspect of this entire sad saga is that it is all by design.

We are simply not smart enough to recognize this glaring fact.

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