Progressive left is rewriting US history

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Like many of you perhaps, I've been forced to rethink a number of important social issues given the current political climate in America.

As a white man, I've been branded a racist even though I've spent a lifetime being even-handed and fair - as much as humanly possible - to everyone regardless of race, income, gender, etc.

But now I'm told, that is not enough.

I consider myself Midwestern by birth and culturally Southern. Don't ask me to explain the culturally southern definition because it's more a feeling than an explanation.

Family history tells me a distant relative - probably a great-great-grandfather - fought as a Tennessee Volunteer during the Civil War.

As a college student, I was a member of a very Southern fraternity whose spiritual founder was Robert E. Lee and which proudly flew the Confederate flag high above the fraternity house.

That now divisive symbol of the South was flown at our fraternity to display Southern pride and heritage. I can truthfully say that not once - not one single time - was that flag a representation of slavery to our fraternity.

But the progressive left is co-opting history in their twisted version and we stand idly by and allow a small segment of society to dictate what is now right and wrong.

If you are prone to being offended and constantly view yourself as some modern-day victim, don't blame it on a piece of cloth fashioned into a flag.

The stars and bars battle flag of the South did not pull the trigger in a Charleston, S.C., church. That evil deed was the action of a deranged youth.

And although it is the most obvious politically-motivated narrative under the sun, don't blame the gun or conservative media for the actions of a madman.

In our national rush to avoid the racist label, we are willing to rewrite history in the name of political correctness.

Calls from the usual suspects are already circulating to rename streets and schools that bear the names of Civil War notables.

And just as predicted, there are even calls to ban the American flag because in the eyes of some - including the current occupant of the White House - America has ample sins for which we must answer.

If we remain silent and allow a small but vocal horde of malcontents to dictate the future of this country, we will have no future.

Silly me. I assumed that our nation could ride out the final stages of this current administration and then, at some future date, begin the restoration of pride and civility and honor and courage that once made this great country what it was.

I was naive to think that this liberal, progressive movement would simply rejoice in their victories.

They are not yet done.

And I promise you, this will end badly.

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