Saturday, June 27, 2015

Out of funds

I saw the other day on TV where the city of East Prairie's fire department was begging for money to buy equipment. If they hadn't wasted all that money downtown on Main Street they would have plenty of money to buy fire equipment.

Really pushes my buttons

I don't know why in the world when you call somewhere you don't get a human. You might as well not get a human though because most of them are about as stupid sitting up there pushing buttons. You have to push buttons for 30 minutes to speak to somebody. They don't need office workers anymore, just let them button pushers do it. They might as well. It's utterly ridiculous. You can't call McDonald's or anyplace without having to push buttons for 30 minutes.

The Whatever Fund

You need to "come on" Mike. Either you're against Nixon taking the money and the UAW giving it, or you are not. It stinks to high heaven. What difference does it make when they write the check? He is no better than Hillary who sold her positions as Secretary of State to anyone willing to make a donation to the "Clinton Fund." It's the Clinton Fund all right, it funds whatever they want, whenever they want it. She don't deserve to ever again serve in any office, much less President of the United States of America.

Mind your own beeswax

This is a response to "Put women to work." You don't have to understand. You don't need to understand. You need to mind your own business. Maybe they don't have to work. You are too nosy.