The silent majority needs to speak up

Sunday, July 12, 2015

W hen ISIS rolls through new territory in the Mideast, in addition to massive genocide, one of their first missions is to destroy the cultural relics of the past.

Monuments, churches and artifacts from the past are leveled in a distorted attempt to erase history and reshape those regions into the image ISIS reveres.

By wiping out historic symbols, these vicious barbarians believe that the elimination of the culture is as important as the domination over the residents of those areas.

Tell me - in addition to the bloodshed thus far - how is that different than the cultural war being waged in America?

A group of misguided individuals hopes to wipe out all symbols of the past and rewrite history in their definition. They are willing and readied to remove monuments, change the mission of the churches and abolish relics they see as counter to their cultural perspective.

We call the one ISIS. We call the other progressives.

When our President says he seeks a level playing field what he means is that he seeks to punish those he views as the culprits and reward those he sees as the aggrieved.

The President and his ilk seek to complete their mission by transferring the hard-earned resources of the producers to the hands of those he views as generational victims.

First, you disrupt the economic stability then you eliminate those items that you see as hurtful.

The sole outcome of a disrupted culture is chaos.

The current upheaval in American society is a direct result of a planned disruption of the historic cultural foundation that marks our history.

The removal of monuments and flags and important figures of the past is just the first step in a total transformation that we were promised.

And let me tell you where the blame should clearly reside.

The blame belongs to the image looking back at you in the mirror. It is our fault if we collectively allow a tiny slice of American society to dictate the elimination of our history.

By remaining silent, we allow a host of special interest groups to point this new direction in America.

We're too polite. We're too cowardly to stand up to those forces of change and say enough is enough.

I promise you we would do a much better job of fighting ISIS on our own shores than we are at fighting the forces from within who seek to impose their morals and values on the majority.

This nation and our national unity and pride was built on the shoulders of the "silent majority" and we can be silent no longer.

As a nation, we drift in this downward spiral of values only because most of us fear raising our voices in defiance to those who would take us down this divisive path.

No longer!

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